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The Work You Do Matters


The Work You Do Matters

This was just the opening quote of an amazing and inspiring conference held by PMI in Berlin. I cannot express enough my gratitude for this event. In a room full of Project Management Professionals, each in its unique way or level, I felt the satisfaction of sharing one common goal.  

During a long (It surely felt long) flight home, all I could think about were the countless motivational topics elaborated by Industry Leaders, life examples, and lessons learned shared by experts that caused a feeling of absolute humanity that this profession certainly requires.

It's all about the people. Projects are built by people, FOR PEOPLE. That stuck with me. We must not forget that people bring skills, expertise, and perspectives to the table. Each team member contributes their unique knowledge and abilities to accomplish project tasks and deliverables. Therefore, I would like to highlight the importance of investing in people. Kudos to the PMI Team who worked really hard for these results (@Lysan Drabon chilling speech, thank you), we owe YOU this experience. Cheers to the Community and a special thank you to all volunteers and Chapter members (warmer thank you to @PMI Greece Chapter of course). The work you truly DO matters folks.  

Oh, and wildest congratulations to the 3 Project Management Ladies, who were by far the winners of the Roaring Twenties-themed networking reception dancefloor. Absolutely Beautiful! 


A few things I packed with me... 

  • Embrace uncertainty and change”. We all should.  
  • Accelerate Innovation and Creativity”  
  • “Without Data, you’re just another person with an opinion”.  W. Edwards Deming. How badly you want to use this in your work and life?  Thank you @ Essowe Abalo.   


See you all soon! 





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