From PMO to VMO (Value management Office

In this session we are going to explore the evolution of the various “management offices” (xMOs, but mostly PMOs) - from order-taker and implementer of a strategy designed "higher up", to a new construct - the Value Management Office (VMO) sponsored and supported by the C-Suite and a major stakeholder and forum for corporate strategy and prioritization of value delivery across the enterprise.

19 SEPTEMBER 2023 | 19:00 | 1 PDU

PMI® Greece Chapter 2023

Daniel Gagnon

Daniel is an organizational agility adviser who co-founded the Agile Leader Academy, a boutique training, coaching, and consulting firm, to help leaders develop progressive team-building skills in dynamic and adaptive work environments—while avoiding the traps of naïve over-optimism or simplistic positivity.

Agile Leader Academy works across a range of industries, including finance (primarily banking and insurance), energy (public energy distribution utility), manufacturing, legal, and pharmaceutical. They have trained 2000+ people and held 50+ events, and Daniel has personally spoken at numerous events in many countries, including the Business Agility Conference.

Daniel’s message is always well received, as it is one of realistic hope: how leaders can build better workplaces where fear and misery are banished and true agency can be fostered—and how to avoid the pitfalls of fake agility in leadership.

Agile Leader Academy partners with some of the preeminent leadership development organizations, including ICAgile, Agile Leadership Journey, and the Project Management Institute. Daniel is a life-long learner with 20+ certifications and designations, so he ensures innovation and strategic anticipation at every step.

To get a feel for Daniel, check out his appearance on the (Re)Learning Leadership podcast, where he talks about the causes and cures of fake agile. He also did a presentation recently on how law firms can become agile—proof that agile ways of working are needed and not limited to software development or IT.

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Ημερομηνία: 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023

Ωρα: 19:00 με 20:00

PDUs: 1.0


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